Canned Foods

Filipinos are better at making short-term plans. They know what meals to prepare for the family in a given day, but they might just forget preparing meals for unexpected guests or extended hours in the night. They have a simple solution for that – opening a can of delicious, ready-to-eat food.

Fil-Can has a variety of canned great flavor options such as original, hot and spicy or in vegetable oil. So order now and stop by in our store.

Fish/Tuna Products

Ligo - Sardines
[555] Canned Goods - Sardines
Century Tuna - Light Tuna
San Marino - Light Tuna Flakes in oil
Salu - Salo - Bangus in Oil
Salu - Salo - Bangus in Oil (Hot & Spicy)
Tome - Portuguese Sardines
Master Mackerel - Master Mackerel in oil

Canned Meat

Hereford Sausage - Vienna Sausage
Purefoods Luncheon Meat - Luncheon Meat
Pinoy Style - Liver Spread

Canned Vegetables and Fruit

Aroy-D - Banana Blossom
Aroy-D - Bamboo Shoot in Water
Aroy-D - Jackfruit in Syrup
Aroy-D - Coconut Milk
Aroy-D - Lychee
Chaokoh - Young Green Jackfruit
Jonaz - Atchara
Del Monte - Cream Style Corn
Del Monte - Pineapple Slices
Del Monte - Pineapple Chunks
Del Monte - Tomato Sauce

Bottled Preservatives Fruits & Vegetables Mix for Desserts

Jonaz - White Beans
Jonaz - Red Mung Beans
Jonaz - Tapioca Pearl in Syrup
Jonaz - Jackfruit - Langka
Bulacan - Nata de Coco - Coconut Gel in Syrup
Buenas - Macapuno String
Buenas - Ube Jam
Bulacan - Kaong
Jonaz - Jonaz Halo-Halo Mixed
Lutong Bahay - Halo-Halo Mixed

Canned Milk and Cream

Alaska - Condensada
Alaska - Evaporada
Angel Kremdensada - Angel Kremdensada
Dutch Baby Thick Cream - Dutch Baby Thick Cream


Datu Puti - Vinegar
Datu Puti - White Vinegar Spiced - Sukang Maasim
Datu Puti - Soy Sauce
[Datu Puti] Vinegar - Sukang Iloko
Datu Puti - Soysauce w/ Calamansi - Toyomansi
Datu Puti - Datu Puti Pack (Soysauce+Vinegar)
Vegetarian Fish Sauce - Vegetarian Fish Sauce
[Marca Piña] Soy Sauce - Calamansi
[Marca Piña] Vinegar - Cane Vinegar
[Marca Piña] Soy Sauce
[JB] Terong - Fish Sauce
[Pangasinan] Patis - Fish Sauce 750ml
[Squid] Fish Sauce - 725ml
Viet Huong - Fish Sauce
[Barrio Fiesta] Barrio Fiesta - Tubasuk - Spiced natural coconut vinegar
[Mr. Pinakurat] Suka Pinakurat - Sweetened 250 ml
[Mr. Pinakurat] Suka Pinakurat - Spicy
Inday's Best - Calamansi Extract- 150ml
[Maggi] Savor - Calamansi - 130ml
[Mama Sita's] Bottled Sauce - JAVA Barbeque Sauce (410g)
[KIMLAN] Lou Chau - Dark Soy Sauce
UFC - Sauce - Banana Hot Sauce
UFC - Sauce - Banana Sauce- Tamis Anghang (320g)
UFC - Sauce - Banana Sauce- Tamis Anghang 550g
[Jufran] Jufran - Banana Sauce 560 g
[Jufran] Jufran - Banana Sauce (340g)
[Jufran] Jufran - Sweet Chili Sauce (330g)
Mang Tomas - All Purpose Sauce- Hot & Spicy
Mang Tomas - All Purpose Sauce 330g
Mang Tomas - All Purpose Sauce 550g
[Lee Kum Kee] Soy Sauce - Mushroom flavoured dark soy sauce (500ml)
Panda Brand - Oyster Sauce 207g
Panda Brand - Oyster Sauce 510g
Panda Brand - Oyster Sauce - Gluten Free

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